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The welcoming element of your home is the entry door. Our double glazed entrance doors are a perfect choice with a metal frame and are durable, robust and energy efficient. The double glazed entrance doors, are typically opaque to allow for privacy.

  • You select from a range of glass types, frame styles and designs to make it your own, including options for thermally broken aluminium frames.
  • Aluminium double glazed entrance doors open and close smoothly, irrespective of the season, whereas timber doors are harder to open up in moist environments and are prone to growing and shrinking.
  • Aluminium double glazed entrance doors with double-glazing glass are thermally resistant and can be obscured according to your preference.
  • Double glazed entrance doors are tough to break, adding extra security to your home.
  • All our doors are BAL 40 rated, so they are suitable for bushfire-prone zones.
Double Glazed Entrance Doors

What is a double-glazed entrance door?

A double-glazed entrance door is a type of exterior door that has two layers of glass separated by a layer of plastic or other material. This helps to prevent heat from entering the building and to reduce the likelihood of intruders breaking into the home. 

Double-glazed doors are typically made with high-grade materials and are designed to be durable and functional. They are often used in homes, commercial buildings, and government facilities. In addition, they can help to maintain a consistent temperature inside the building and reduce energy costs.

What are the benefits of using a double-glazed entrance door?

Double-glazed entrance doors offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved insulation: 

The double-glazed design helps to reduce heat transfer and keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • Increased energy efficiency: 

By reducing the amount of heat that is lost or gained through the door, double-glazing can help lower your energy bills.

  • Enhanced soundproofing: 

The two layers of glass help to reduce noise pollution from the outside, making your home a quieter place to live.

  • Increased security: 

The double-glazed design makes it harder for intruders to break in, providing additional security for your home.

  • Enhanced appearance: 

Double-glazed doors are available in a range of styles and finishes, providing an attractive and modern addition to your home’s entrance.

Types of double-glazed entrance doors

There are many types of double-glazed entrance doors, each with its own set of features and benefits. Some of the most common types include:

  • Sliding doors: 

These are often used in residential applications, as they allow for a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. They typically have a hinged or sliding mechanism that allows them to open and close.

  • French doors: 

These are similar to sliding doors, but they feature a more elaborate design. They typically have a frame that is supported by door hinges and a decorative panel (often called a window) that can open and close.

  • Windows: 

These are commonly found in commercial settings, as they provide natural sunlight and ventilation for the space. They can be installed in any type of door and come in different sizes, shapes, and styles.

  • Storm doors: 

These are designed to protect against high winds and other extreme weather conditions. They typically have a heavy-duty construction with durable hardware and seals to keep out debris and rainwater.

What are the maintenance costs associated with a double-glazed entrance door?

A double-glazed entrance door is a highly effective way to keep your home secure and comfortable. It essentially serves as a barrier between the outside world and your home, separating the inside from the outside and allowing for controlled airflow and lighting.

EOS (electrical, optical, and sound) sensors are also commonly installed on a double-glazed door to help detect intruders or intrusions. These sensors can automatically trigger an alarm or illuminate the interior of your home in the event of an alarm.

  • The cost of maintenance associated with a double-glazed entrance door is relatively low, especially when compared to other types of security systems.
  • Overall, maintenance costs associated with a double-glazed entrance door are affordable and can be a valuable investment for homeowners looking for increased security measures in their homes.


We enjoyed every minute dealing with Energy-Saving Windows and Doors, the company is a delight to work with. Whether it be sliding windows, bi-folding doors or bi-folding windows, the company provides a wide range of double glazed options. And they provide extremely professional customer service…they go way beyond the call of duty. In this day and age, when we need double glazed windows or doors, we generally need them fast! And the great thing about dealing with this company is that they know only one speed……and that’s FAST!

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