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What is thermally broken?

Thermally broken glass is a type of glass that has been heatedly treated so that it breaks when cooled below its original temperature.

This property makes it very difficult for shards of glass to become embedded in other objects, making it an ideal material for use in safety glasses and shatter-proof windows.

thermally broken

Why is thermally broken glass better?

The hardness and toughness of thermally broken glass make it resistant to breakage. Additionally, the increased brittleness minimizes shard formation during impact, leading to a decreased risk of injury from shattered furniture or windowpanes.

In addition, because visually damaged areas are less likely to be missed by inspectors during quality control inspections, thermally broken glass products can often meet high aesthetic standards without sacrificing functionality.

Thermally broken windows and doors

Thermally broken windows and doors are a type of window treatment that uses the principle of thermally broken glass. When cold air enters a room through the window, it is slowed down by the thermal break and can’t escape as quickly.

This causes condensation to form on surfaces inside the room, such as your windowsills or furniture.

This moisture creates an environment that is hostile to bacteria, fungi, and other pests; in fact, it has been shown to kill these organisms within minutes!

In addition to being effective against pests, this kind of treatment can also improve indoor air quality by reducing levels of pollutants like dust mites and smoke particles.

What do you need in order to install thermally broken glass?

In order to install thermally broken glass, you will need the following items: 

  • A professional installation crew that is experienced in installing thermal break windows.

  • Thermal breaks (or “thermoplastic window units”) – these are special types of windows that can withstand high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. 

  • An approved window replacement contractor who specializes in installing thermally broken glass.

How can thermally broken windows and doors be repaired?

Thermally broken windows and doors can be repaired using a few different methods. The most common approach is to use thermal insulation material to fill in the gaps between the panes of glass and brick, or between the two materials. This approach creates an airtight seal that prevents moisture and heat from escaping through the window or door.

Another option is to install new glass or door panels, which use original factory parts. This ensures the perfect alignment of all the pieces, eliminates any potential distortion caused by thermal stress and provides a natural finish that looks identical to traditional windows and doors.

The final option is to replace the entire window or door assembly altogether. In this case, technicians will first use a cold Tool-less Tempered Glass (TGTG) process on both sides of the pane to remove any bubbles or imperfections before replacing them with new glass units measuring exactly 1 inch thickx6 inches widex9 feet long. All installation hardware must also meet stringent safety standards for wind pressure/wind velocity etc

Who is responsible for repairing thermally broken windows and doors?

Properly repairing thermally broken windows and doors not only ensures safety for you and your family but also protects your home from further damage caused by weather conditions.

Water can easily enter through these damaged areas, leading to rot and corrosion. In extreme cases, water entry even results in structural failure of walls and ceilings.

Repairing a thermally broken window or door is a complex task that requires expertise both in engineering and installation:

  • Engineering experts will inspect the structure of the window or door and determine whether it needs to be replaced altogether or just repaired;
  • Installation professionals will install new glass/materials so that the outside appearance of the window/door matches that of normal windows/doors. 

In most cases, the window or door repair will be handled by a professional contractor. If you are unable to find an available contractor in your area, we recommend contacting one of our trusted partner companies.

Why choose us

Thermally broken glass services are becoming more and more popular in Australia. These services allow businesses to replace the damaged or shattered glass without having to worry about the cost and inconvenience of replacing entire windows.

One of the significant benefits of using thermally broken glass services is that they can quickly and easily restore your business’s visibility.

Broken window syndrome is a problem that many small businesses face, as it can be difficult (and expensive) to repair or replace windows on a large scale. By using thermally broken glass services, you can avoid this hassle and get back to running your business as usual sooner rather than later.

Another great benefit of using these services is that they reduce the risk of injuries caused by falling objects or shards of glass flying through the air.

This isn’t something you want happening when your business is open for business! By choosing thermally broken glass services, you can rest assured that your employees are safe inside and outside the workplace.

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