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Our perfectly engineered aluminium double glazed sliding doors and stainless steel tracking doors offer an excellent solution for larger openings, whether you are renovating or building a new home. We offer both aluminium and thermally broken aluminium options.

Aluminium in its raw form is far superior in terms of strength and sight lines over other products, which allows it to support large openings up to 9 metres horizontally and 3 metres vertically.

Large double glazed panes feature a slimmer profile in aluminium. For larger clients, we offer exclusive systems designed for their beauty and innovation. (PassivHaus)

Double Glazed Sliding Doors Features And Benefits

Our energy saving aluminium double glazed sliding doors are a perfect replacement for an old door or window. They have a stainless-steel track and high-strength nylon rollers for maintenance-free operation.

We also provide doors ideal for larger openings with the option of having three or more individual tracks and multi-panel configuration doors.

Our double glazed sliding doors also have a dual locking slide option and can be lockable from both ends. Choose from a wide range of handles, including a feature handle, a recessed flush handle, a lift & slide handle and D-shaped handles.

Our products are tested and certified to keep out wind and rain and are one of the most weather-resistant multi-track sliding systems available. We meet Australian Standards, and our aluminium double glazed sliding doors are rated A+ for energy efficiency and useability.

Our double-glazing glass panels use a minimum of 5mm Toughened glass for superior safety. They are much harder to break through as one pane acts against the other with an air cushion in between. All our windows and doors are BAL 40 rated, so suitable for use next to bushfire zones.

Security concerns regarding exterior double glazed sliding doors, such as panels being levered from the tracks, are no longer an issue as all are fitted with anti-lift blocks. We offer screening options, such as sliding stainless mesh doors for warding off bugs and strangers.

A Wide Range of Aluminium Double Glazed Sliding Doors Concerning Size, Colour or Uses

Not all houses are the same, meaning door requirements are different too.

We customise our door solutions to ensure you have the right size and configuration that suits your home. We would love to sit with you and map out your needs, during which we will provide many options regarding colours and finishes so you get the product that exactly matches your tastes and home decor.

There are various options available for internal double glazed sliding doors and external double glazed sliding doors. The colours and powder coatings we provide are quality Dulux and Akzo Nobel products.

Feel free to contact us to enquire about our range and prices. We are so happy to help you! We have installation teams ready to fit your energy saving windows and doors.

Types of double-glazed sliding doors

There are several types of double-glazed sliding doors, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. These doors can be used in a wide range of applications, from homes to businesses and even industrial facilities. 

Some types of double-glazed doors include:

  • Glass-filled doors: 

These doors use glass panels filled with a gas or liquid such as ethylene or propylene to provide insulation and resistance to thermal shock. The glass is typically laminated to improve its strength and durability. 

These doors are typically used in high-temperature environments, such as kitchens or sunrooms. They have the advantage of providing good insulation while maintaining a pleasing appearance. However, they can be more expensive than other types of sliding doors.

  • Wood-framed doors: 

These doors typically consist of wooden frames covered with a layer of glass (typically tempered) to improve the thermal performance of the door. They are often used in residential applications due to their natural appearance and low cost. 

They can also be painted or stained to match existing décor and can be easily maintained by routine cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Metal-framed doors: 

These doors are made from metal frames covered with glass (usually tempered). They are commonly used in commercial applications due to their durability and moderate cost. 

Like wood framed doors, they can be painted or stained in a variety of colors and are easily maintained by regular cleaning and lubrication. 

  • Insulated glass/metal frames: 

These types of double-glazed doors use an insulated glass/metal frame construction that provides better energy efficiency than traditional double-glazing systems by reducing heat transfer through the doorframe while still providing good insulation performance. 

This type of door is commonly used in commercial applications where high energy efficiency is a priority.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We enjoyed every minute dealing with Energy-Saving Windows and Doors, the company is a delight to work with. Whether it be sliding windows, bi-folding doors or bi-folding windows, the company provides a wide range of double glazed options. And they provide extremely professional customer service…they go way beyond the call of duty. In this day and age, when we need double glazed windows or doors, we generally need them fast! And the great thing about dealing with this company is that they know only one speed……and that’s FAST!

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