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A well-designed and installed double glazed bi-fold windows magnify your view and provide ample airflow when fully opened. And there is no need to fit heavy beams above when retrofitting the old windows with double glazed bi-fold windows.

Open Your Home to The Outdoors

​ESWaD aluminium double glazed bi-fold windows and doors offer an efficient and secure folding panel design, giving you the ultimate authority to set exactly how much of your home is open to the outside.

These double glazed bi-fold windows suit any room of your home and are specifically suited for kitchens and living zones. Bi-folds are hard to beat for large openings as they are fully bespoke and can be designed in various configurations to suit your requirements.

Utilise the Energy Efficiencies

ESWaD double glazed bi-fold windows and doors utilise the natural energy-efficient properties of modern aluminium and thermally broken aluminium, combining it with an engineering process that controls the trapped heat or cold in your home.

Safe and Secure

All our windows and doors are equipped with a unique lever compression locking system for better airtightness and security and are equal to or exceed the latest industry standards.

Their structurally strong profile, easy-to-use single-point dedicated locking mechanisms and anti-lift systems help to hold the windows in place. With heavy-duty aluminium hinges, our doors can withstand attacks even from the most determined intruders.

Long Lasting

ESWaD double glazed bi-fold windows are rigorously tested and weatherproofed with powder-coated finishes that protect the windows from damaging weather effects, warping, rotting, or discolouring like uPVC.

All these aspects ensure that your window will protect you and your family for years. The sections are extruded to 0.03mm tolerances with stainless sill tracks to ensure the smooth operation of your windows or doors for a lifetime.

Easy Retrofit

No need to have huge steel beams fitted to carry the weight of a double glazed panel that can weigh up to 100kg each. Multiply that by six so panels can weigh over half a tonne.

Our door panels run on heavy-duty bottom rollers, and their weight is supported at the sill, which makes our doors an excellent choice for renovations or where overhead support isn’t available. Opening the bi-fold panels is as easy as opening your car door. Virtually no drag at all.

How does a double-glazed bi-fold window work?

A double-glazed bi-fold window is a type of window that has two layers of glass separated by a layer of insulation. This type of window allows heat and light to pass through while retaining the cold outside air inside. 

The two layers of glass are held together by an adhesive between them. This adhesive is what allows the window to be opened and closed.

In a double-glazed bi-fold window, one layer of glass is made up of regular, clear glass while the other layer is made up of a different type of glass, usually with a higher or lower index of refraction (or specific heat). 

The different types of glass used in the layers allow light to pass through the window more easily for different wavelengths. The second type of glass in the layer acts as an insulator, meaning that it does not let heat escape as easily as regular clear glass. This helps keep the room cool during the day and warm at night.

Some types of double-glazed bi-fold windows have a third layer added to improve insulation further. This third layer can be made up of materials such as foam or oil-based sealant. 

These windows are often used in homes with high energy costs such as air conditioning units or electric heating systems. Overall, double-glazed bi-fold windows are an effective way to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

How do I choose the right type of bi-fold window for my home?

Choosing the right type of bi-fold window for your home can be a challenge because there are so many options available. You may have heard of different types of bi-fold windows, such as double-pane, triple-pane, and casement. 

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to select the right one for your home. Some factors to consider when choosing a bi-fold window include: 

  • Cost – 

Bi-fold windows are typically more expensive than single-pane windows, but they can provide better insulation and security.

  • Energy Efficiency – 

Choosing energy-efficient windows can help you reduce your energy costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

  • Security –

 Some types of bi-fold windows have security features such as locks or screens that can be used to deter intruders.

My view is that when one requires regular supply of a good product or service, it’s vital that the supplier is a “specialist”. And that’s where Tim and his team at Energy-Saving Windows and Doors excel. As the owner, Tim brings decades of experience to the table when it comes to windows and doors - and this means we benefit from saving time and money. Their products are exceptional and their client liaison is probably the best of any company I’ve dealt with. I’d highly recommend them.

- Ben
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